Developing Leaders

Every great leader has to start somewhere…



This is a whole day event, which takes place in our studio in Middlesbrough. There may be a group of people with a mix of home grown and imported talent. You will partake in the following activities:

  • Group Activity
  • Role Play Activity
  • Numerical Activity
  • 1:1 Interview

If you are successful you will go onto the 12 week MIT programme.

You have chosen to join a company that is:

  • Rich in culture
  • Continually strives to be the best
  • Has real passion for giving our clients excellent experiences
  • Has a real commitment to the success of each individual
  • Strives to exceed targets, by exceeding we will secure the continual growth of the Brand
  • Puts safety first, strives for zero harm for clients, students and team
  • And we season what we do with fun!

The programme involves 8 weeks in a training studio followed by a further 4 weeks in your home studio. During the 8 weeks you will experience working both in the office and Front of House. It will also be a combination of on-site training; job role e-learning & possible off site training courses where you will complete your professional examination(s).