The Legend of JDC

On 2nd September 2012, Middlesbrough welcomed the birth of the Johansen Dance Company based in the Church Of Ascension Hall.

JDC founders Helen Crabtree and Nathan Street figured that there was a real need for a dance school that provided professional training while not having the fun taken out of learning from overly regimented teaching methods.

One year later Johansen Dance Company moved into their permanent home on the corner of Allendale Road and Daisy Lane.


Over the years, Johansen Dance Company has produced many talented students who take part in; competitions across the country, annual examinations and of course the much loved annual JDC Summer School.

The heart of Johansen Dance Company is the teachers, a team where that Fun Feeling begins and infectious energy is created by the greatest teachers. Whether for fun, competition or shows, we always provide an environment that frees our students to let go of restraints and be themselves, so they leave our studio feeling far better than they did when they first walked through our doors.